Shoshanna Richman sings "Counting The Seconds" (Music by Daniel Green)

Ken Clark (with Shoshanna Richman) singing "When Your Eyes Met Mine" (Music by Daniel Green)

Mariand Torres (with Shoshanna Richman) singing "I've Got Time" (Music by Daniel Green)

Love In The Time of Retrograde: A Ten Minute Musical
Andrew Keltz - Pluto, a planet
Mariand Torres - Charon, his moon
Ken Clark - Uranus, another planet
Shoshanna Richman and Ariana Shore - The Stars
Lizzie Hagstedt as Haley

The Galaxy Quickstep - Company
You're My Moon - Andrew Keltz and Mariand Torres
Someone Told Me - Ken Clark with Mariand Torres
I Need Some Space - Andrew Keltz and Mariand Torres
Someone Told Me (reprise) - Ken Clark
You're My Moon (reprise) - Andrew Keltz & Mariand Torres
The Galaxy Quickstep - Company

Music by Jonathan Monro
Book & Lyrics by Robby Sandler & Jonathan Monro

Ariana Shore (with Andrew Keltz) singing "Who's To Say" (Music by Daniel Green)

Lizzie Hagstedt singing "Are You With Me" (Music by Jonathan Monro)

Lizzie Hagstedt singing "On Controlling Dreams" (Music by Lizzie Hagstedt)

Lizzie Hagstedt singing "There's Still Time" From HELLO, MY NAME IS... (Music by Lizzie Hagstedt, Lyrics by Robby Sandler, Book by Ross Evans)

Andrew Keltz singing "Melvin's Song" (Music by Jonathan Monro)

Ken Clark singing "Landmarks" from I Heart New York (Take a Ten Musicals - music by Andy Roninson)

Take a Ten: I Heart New York
Book and Lyrics by Robby Sandler
Music by Andy Roninson

Holly Williams sings a parody of "Dance: 10, Looks: 3" (Hamlisch/Kleban) at her senior recital.
New Lyrics by Robby, naturally.